Contact us today for more information regarding our Cell on Wheels rentals. One of our mobile tower experts can guide you through the lease process, ensuring that you rent the right portable cell tower for your job!

East Texas Towers proudly offers Cell on Wheels rentals in a variety of sizes, depending on your required project. Cell on Wheels, or portable cell towers, are often used on construction sites where a permanent tower has not yet been built. Cell on Wheels are also commonly used during natural disasters and large events. These mobile towers create or boost a cellular network for a brief period of time. East Texas Towers has been a leading provider in tower installation services for the past decade and can guide you through the process of renting a Cell on Wheels mobile tower!

What is Cell On Wheels

A Cell on Wheels is a mobile cell tower that includes a tower, transceiver, and other equipment that is carefully constructed on a truck or trailer. These portable cell towers are generally used on a short-term basis to create or boost a cell signal when a permanent tower cannot be utilized.

Tower Sizes

There are many different size mobile cell towers. The size and construction of these devices vary depending on their intended use or requirements. In general, the higher your mobile tower the better. Ensuring your portable cell tower clears foliage or surrounding buildings is of utmost importance. With this being said, our 85 foot Cell on Wheels works for most uses.

Intended Use

Mobile Cell Towers are usually used to create or boost a cell signal during a brief period of time, like during a natural disaster or large event, when a permanent tower cannot be utilized. They are also used on construction sites while a permanent tower is being built. Simply put, portable cell towers provide temporary access to cell networks.

Rental Cost

Our Cell on Wheels rental prices vary, depending on the tower size and length of use. We offer competitive rental prices starting at $4,000 per month. Please call our office at (972) 900-5108 for detailed information regarding our mobile tower rental prices.