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East Texas Towers was founded as a residential tower service provider company in 2008. Ten years later, our Residential Tower Division services residential customers throughout the state of Texas and more. Whether you need a tower for Internet or amateur radio, our team of communication tower specialists will assess your situation and provide you with the highest-quality services in the industry!


We are an authorized distributor of communication tower parts and accessories. Our easy-to-use online store will allow you to browse through hundreds of tower parts and have them shipped directly to your home or commercial project.


Metal towers and their component pieces will corrode over time causing improper connection insulation and water damage. East Texas Towers can inspect your existing tower for damage, corrosion, or other issues.


We provide low-cost or even FREE communications tower removal services in the state of Texas and surrounding areas. Call us today to inquire about the removal of your tower. Free tower removal not available in all locations.


Installing telecommunications and wireless communications towers is our company’s specialty. We install everything from small residential Internet and amateur radio towers to large-scale commercial projects.


Extreme weather conditions can have a detrimental impact on your communication tower. Call us if bad weather or unforeseen events have caused damage to your tower. We will assess the damage and quote repair or replacement cost.

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